How to hack any hotmail or msn email account (the reverting method)

Step 6: Country
If you dont know their country, which you probably should, use their IP address which you will have in one of the next steps to find it, by using lot of people think you can press a magical button to hack accounts or that it just takes a super nerd with coding skills. Well, neither of these are true. Its rather common sense actually how to hack a hotmail password. There are two people that know the password: the account owner and hotmail themselves. The best way to get the password from the account owner is by keylogging them, but the hotmail hacking method i’m going to tell you here does not involve keylogging. In fact, this method fools hotmail into giving you the person’s password. It’s called the “reverting method”.

It really helps to know the person just slightly because the more info you have about them, the better you can pretend to BE THEM. Here we go.

This method requires that you know the person’s IP address though. If you live with the person or can go to their house, just visit Otherwise, read this post how to hack an IP address.

Step 1: go here:…mcs&scrx=1

Step 2: Fill in the victim’s first name. (come on, you should know at least that).

Step 3: The e-mail address for us to send a response:
This is the email address they will send the password too. Obviously put your email address here, or if you’re paranoid create another email account just for this, but there’s really no risk.

Step 4: Primary e-mail address/member ID associated with the account you are inquiring about:
Put in the victims hotmail/msn email address. Then click Continue.

Step 5: Date of birth.
You can simply give them the year, but I highly recommed the full date of birth. If you dont know it you can use the social network method:

Try searching for them on these common social networks by using their email address. The profile usually has their date of birth information.

Step 6: Country, State, Zipcode
You should know this information if you know the person, but if you don’t, Use the social network method in step 5 to gather information. Don’t assume that this info is correct though as the person might have moved since creating the hotmail account, so keep that in mind. You may also be able to use the IP address to gather this info by doing an IP trace at

Step 7: The secret answer to your question
You obviously don’t know this, otherwise you would be filling out the Forgot my password form, so just put “i dont remember.. sorry”

Step 8: Your alternate email address
For this one just put in the email address you’re trying to hack. You dont need their alternate email address.

Step 9: Your IP Address
It’s very hard to revert an account unless you successfully complete this step. Once again, if you do not have their IP address, please read How to hack an IP address.

Step 10: Your internet service provider
Easy to get using their IP address, just use an IP tracer at

Step 11: The last date and time that you successfully signed in
Unless you know this as a fact, either take your best guess, say you dont remember, or yesterday.

Step 12: The names of any folders that you created in addition to the default folders
leave this blank, or say you dont know (unless you know this for a fact).

Step 13: Names of contacts in your hotmail address book
give them all the contacts you know are definately or most likely in there, including yourself, and even their other accounts (they might add themselves, everybody seems to). Also give them and, as most people have them added.

Step 14: Subjects of any old mail that is in your inbox
It’s ok if you just put “i dont remember”, but it really helps if you put something here.
IF they are subscribed to any social networking sites (like myspace, facebook) or online games (like RuneScape, WoW), then use for example “wants to be friends on facebook” or “subscription reminder”… You get the idea. It’s easy to know what kind of subjects they have in their account if you know what emails they might receive.

Step 15: Names of contacts on your messenger contact list
If you happen to know any of their friends, this is where you put their display name…if you dont have them added, put their first names, and if you dont know them at all, just leave it blank, or say you dont remember.

Step 16: Your Messenger nickname
This is their MSN display name, and not everyone has one. If you know it, put it in..if you dont, say “i cant remember it exactly” or leave it blank.

Step 17:
The rest you dont really need to worry about, except for in additional info, can put anything else that might make you sound more

“cant beleive i forgot my password… please recover my account soon, i really need to read some emails. thank you.”

Don’t put exactly that though because some people reading this will do it anyway, and you don’t want all the messages to sound exactly the same.

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